Northridge Entrance Plaques

Northridge Entrance Plaques

July 30, 2020

Entrance Signs

In April 2020, there were 4 cast Bronze Entry Feature plaques that were stolen in Northridge. Community members noticed right away, along with members of our staff. RCMP was notified of the stolen plaques unfortunately they never did turn up. We worked with the city and the mayor of St. Albert to find a solution to replace the stolen signs.

When plaques like these get stolen it costs the City money to replace them. We came up with a solution that replaced the plaques while allowing them to be made in a cost effective manner and allowing the integrity of the original signs to remain.

After many, many, trial and errors we were able to find the perfect solution. As you can see in the photos – these plaques look almost identical to the original signs.

We pride ourselves in our Cast Bronze products and with the recent incline in theft around Bronze and Copper products we have been forced to adapt to provide our clients with a similar product.

Recently, Alberta legislation passed the Protecting Alberta Industry from Theft Act which will help in the reduction of theft of bronze and copper products. This acts main goal is making the resale of metal products much harder.

We believe the Northridge entry feature plaques and many other plaques that Behrends has replaced and installed with more secure methods stand up to this act of theft and re-selling of our products. By developing new methods and products for our clients shows that Behrends is always and will always be willing to help our clients achieve their end goal.

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