Old Strathcona Gateway Arch

Old Strathcona Gateway Arch

December 3, 2015

Freestanding Signs , Metal Welcome Signs

Behrends has extensive experience in preserving historical memory through bronze plaques, signs and interpretative panels. Our company is also no stranger to monumental pieces, especially entrance signs that mark the boundaries of subdivisions, communities and iconic neighbourhoods. One such neighbourhood, Old Strathcona, in Edmonton is the quintessential university-arts area with character homes, unique businesses and boutiques, and a youthful, creative feel. Home to sunny summer patios, world-class festivals, the Farmer’s Market and regular live music performances, Old Strathcona has a liveliness and bustle that is the envy around town!

Old Strathcona Gateway Arch: A Monumental Sign

When the idea of a Gateway Arch came up to demarcate the boundary of the former City of Strathcona, designers wanted it to reflect the history of the area and its relevance to the contemporary moment. It was commissioned in the spring of 2003 through PCL Maxam, A Joint Venture and the Old Strathcona Foundation who awarded us the honour of working on such a prestigious project. Our involvement in design suggestions involved increased the letter height and choosing the best colours for the letters to maximize legibility, as well as aiding the choice of materials for the final product.

Capturing History with Coated & Painted Aluminum

Our components were comprised of coated or painted aluminum and depict important, iconic images relating to Old Strathcona’s history. The trains on the left and right signify the historical importance of the train station, particularly as it served the original community back when the City of Strathcona was incorporated in the first decade of the 20th Century! Additionally, images of grain, livery and gold mining also capture key industries that led to community growth and sustenance. After receiving the project, our crew at Behrends had everything ready by the fall and we got to partake in a special installation process that took place at night and closed down the street. When Behrends Group was approached to offer consultation and fabrication services for the now landmark Old Strathcona Gateway Arch, we were honoured to take on such a lasting legacy project.

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