Panini’s Italian Cucina

Panini’s Italian Cucina

October 19, 2016

Business Signs , Illuminated Letters , Design (Branding)

In November 2015, local business owner, Robert, came to us with a rough idea for the signage in what would be his brand new restaurant, Panini’s Italian Cucina. In meeting with our design team to expand on his vision, Robert was able to solidify with our designers that vision into a visual, branded reality. Designer Brent Tartarin created a working logo concept which, with approval, led to the creation of a proper vector logo. This was the beginning of the signage and branding journey and proves that it is possible to forge amazing realities, even from the foggiest beginnings of an idea.
By coming to Behrends Group, Robert benefitted from our flexibility and confidence. We could take the adequate time and care needed to explore his brand fully and take it in directions he never considered. We also have the expertise to take the brand to all of its possibilities for manufacturing applications – something that too many designers overlook the importance of.
The practical constraints of creating signage in the physical world do not always permit certain types of designs to come to fruition. Too often, logos are designed without dimensional signage in mind and the results can be difficult to manage for businesses who have already invested a lot in brands which are difficult to apply in physical spaces. While it might seem exciting and modern to have a brand-new 3D logo designed for your website, social media work or on a business card, they do not often translate into a proper, cost-effective sign.
Our work at Panini’s Italian Cucina is emblematic of the kinds of projects we do daily to support small business owners in our municipalities. We offer unique designs and brilliant manufacturing coupled with exceptional know-how to keep your signs beautiful and your costs reasonable.

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