Royal Alberta Museum – Wayfinding

Royal Alberta Museum – Wayfinding

September 8, 2020


The Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) is a museum of human and natural history in Edmonton, Alberta.

The project includes 8,000 net square meters of natural history and human history, long-term exhibition galleries, children’s gallery and bug room, 4,300 net square meters of curatorial, research and collection spaces, a 1,000 square meter feature gallery and associated support space totaling 22,000 new square meters.

Behrends successfully won the bid for the wayfinding signage inside RAM and worked directly with Ledcor Construction. With nearly 700 wayfinding signs and a level 5 finish requirement, the attention to detail on this project was paramount. Behrends placed heavy quality control on the production design and manufacturing as well as the installation.

Behrends completed a large portion of the interior wayfinding at RAM among other ornamental pieces and interior vinyl applications. We manufactured and installed just under 700 signs.

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