Ryerson Alumni Achievement Awards

Ryerson Alumni Achievement Awards

March 16, 2016

Plaques and Awards , Donor Walls

We’ve had a great relationship with the team at Ryerson University over the past 15 years. In 1998, Ryerson contacted us about designing and building a system to recognize the prestigious accomplishments of their esteemed alumni. We installed the wall with just a few names and photos, and it’s grown quickly over the years as Ryerson alumni continue to excel in their fields of choice.

After doing some research and consulting with the team at Ryerson, we came up with a modern, unique, and functional design strategy for their new recognition wall. The recognition wall was designed to be flexible, and to look great no matter how many alumni were being recognized at any given time. Every year, Ryerson makes additions to their Alumni Achievement Awards wall, and for 15 years, Behrends has been there to help. This kind of long-standing service relationship is commonplace here at Behrends — clients love our consistency, dependability, and passion for what we do.

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