Sherwood Park Mall Pylon Sign

Sherwood Park Mall Pylon Sign

August 24, 2020

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Out with the Old and In with the New

Behrends worked directly with Primaris on creating their new Pylon Sign at Sherwood Park Mall. The design of the pylon sign was developed by Behrends, Behrends supplied and installed the pylon sign and also removed the existing pylon sign. Working closely with Primaris, Behrends was able to find the best solution that fit their needs and wants.

The top portion of the Pylon Sign is all Face LED Illuminated Channel Letters and Logo

The Paneling on the left side is Digitally printed graphics that were designed to match the exterior finishing of Sherwood Park Mall

The “S” logo is a brushed Stainless Steel Halo Lit logo

We also Digitally Printed all the tenant logos for the inserts

Lastly – the Digital Screen is a 6mm pitch screen. Capable of providing full graphics and video.

As we didn’t have access for direct Fibre Optic connection to the mall from the Pylon we had to adapt and incorporate a wireless bridge connection.

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