Sunbeam Centre- Past Presidents Plaque

Sunbeam Centre- Past Presidents Plaque

July 20, 2016

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In mid November of 2015 Sunbeam Centre contacted Behrends in search of a way to recognize past and future presidents. This was familiar territory to Behrends as we have created many recognition systems and plaques at all different scales. As a not for profit/charitable organization it was extremely important we stay on budget, and provide them with an updatable plaque that was beautiful.

One challenge on this project was time. The plaque was required for early January but because of Christmas holiday, we quickly and mutually determined that it would be better not to rush the project. We were able to provide them with a copy of the designer’s drawings that they were able to present at their meeting in early January. The finished plaques was delivered shortly after in January.

The final product was a cast bronze plaque with engraved brass plates.

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