Tonewood Entrance Feature

Tonewood Entrance Feature

September 13, 2020

Illuminated Letters , Entrance Signs

As you enter the community of Tonewood, you will be welcomed by this beautiful entrance feature. You can find this sign located as you drive West on Grove Dr W. The design behind the entry feature was conceived by Select Engineering. They invited Behrends to this project to develop a fabrication plan. Many of the materials were suggested by the landscape architects and Behrends was tasked with determining how to incorporate the materials into the design. Incorporating the 3-form materials posed to be a difficult task because of the organic shape of the feature. To overcome these hurdles, Behrends provided 3-form with mdf cut templates that were built in house. The templates were 3D modeled by our in-house design team to make for the perfect fit as there was very little room for error. Behrends also supplied the concrete contractor templates that matched the organic shape to make sure the actual structure matched the shape of the 3-form panels.

Entrance Feature Details: Cut Aluminum, Fabricated Aluminum, 3 Form, LED Lighting Solutions, MDF Templates

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