Additional Sign Services

Additional Sign Services

Regular And Design Build Project Management

While Behrends is proficient and experienced with regular project management, we are keen to engage in, and manage, design build projects.

In a design build scenario, the owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility. The designer and contractor work together from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit the owner's schedule and budget.

Any changes are addressed by the entire team, leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovation, not excuses or blame-shifting.While single-source contracting is the fundamental difference between design-build and the old ways, equally important is the culture of collaboration inherent in design-build.

Sign Permitting And/Or Surveys

Most municipalities within North America require a permit to ensure the safety of the installation and location. This is mandatory for both temporary and permanent sign installs.

Behrends Group can handle all of the necessary steps required to sign permits.

Prototyping Of Signs & Small Scale 3D Printing

Not all Behrends projects are made of metal. Through years of manufacturing metal signs, a large number of those cast, we have explored all methods of making patterns for casting. From hand carved plasters, to CNC machined high density foam, and now 3D printed in PLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA plastic or polylactic acid is a vegetable-based plastic material, which commonly uses cornstarch as a raw material.

This material is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester and it is the primary natural raw material used in 3D printing. PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials. Once we developed our experience with this pattern making method, we explored other capabilities of our 3D printer, and now even use the 3D printer to build prototypes of our signage.

Traffic And Site Directing Signs

Since we are on site for your pylon sign, or Wayfinding, why not have Behrends complete the project by supplying and installing your traffic signage too?

Our experienced staff can assist you in where these sign types should be placed, and how they are installed.
We offer municipal grade, professional traffic signs that do not rust and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions for many years.
We proudly serve the traffic sign needs of counties, cities, towns, villages, road districts, businesses, shopping centers, construction companies, hospitals, schools, mobile home parks, golf courses, airports, homeowner associations.

  • Regulatory Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Custom Traffic Signs
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Reflective Traffic signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • School Signs
  • Custom Parking Signs
  • Sign Posts
  • Handicapped Signs
  • Yield Signs
  • Metal Traffic

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