Covid-19 Business Solutions

Covid-19 Business Solutions

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Navigating Through Pandemic Recovery To A New World

Solutions to Rethinking Business for Now, Near and in the Future.

As Alberta’s economic relaunch continues to amp up, we have seen Albertans come together to help each other. That community-minded spirit extends to people who are keen to support local businesses. While offering this support, Albertans also want to feel safe.

The events of this pandemic have raised an acute awareness of not only personal hygiene and cleanliness standards but those of merchants as well. Client perception of safety, cleanliness and overall quality will determine their choice of establishments. People will be asking: Which business has transitioned? Which businesses have safety protocols in place that show they care, not only for their patrons but also about their staff and themselves. Behrends understands this time of planning for right now, the near term and the future is challenging. We recognize your need for agile strategies in all aspects of your business the physical environment that must follow new safety protocols.

Behrends can help you be prepared to adapt at a moment’s notice, and be ready for what lies ahead.
We want to help. Let’s talk about what we can do to get you to through recovery and post-pandemic

Movable Room Partitions

Able to move around a room and fill a variety of safety functions, the moveable room partition is a great answer to many of the questions people have about COVID-19 safety practices. They are easily movable and can help protect clients, protect staff, direct traffic, or change a floor plan.

They can be customized to have brand logos, opaque finishes, or in any way you desire.

Ear Savers

CNC cut and designed to take the strain off your ears while wearing a mask. We have four different lengths on our neck band to allow people adjust their mask accordingly for maximum comfort

Desk Barriers

Sneeze guards, or transparent barriers, have become a necessary product for many industries to help create a safe shield between front-line staff and customers. Our desk barriers have multiple designs and can be made to suit your exact needs. Shape, sizes, mounting methods, and the finish can all be customized to make sure they are the perfect product for you. They are built to last with quality material, easy to install, and can be packaged flat for easy shipping and storage


Floor Vinyl

In house capabilities to design and produce floor vinyl that helps direct traffic through your premises

Wall Vinyl

Working with our print department and in-house design team we can create your Covid-19 required signage that helps guide traffic and instructs them of proper procedures while visiting your business, building, or restaurant

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