When it comes to the actual construction of your custom sign, the team of fabricators at Behrends Group are sure to please. We are proud to feature one of the most talented and versatile teams of sign builders in the region. Each one of our technicians is an expert when it comes to making unique sign designs a reality. Building a sign can be straightforward, or somewhat complex depending on the customer's requirements. Our customers can rest assured that no matter what type of sign material or design features they need, our team will get it built to their complete satisfaction.

Our sign building team consists of a few different technical departments which specialize in a particular aspect of sign fabrication. From our modelling department, to our architectural metal, graphics, electrical and finishing departments, we have all the right personnel with the necessary expertise to make sure your sign ideas are made into a reality. Thanks to the latest innovations in computer technology, our signs are created with precision and accuracy in mind.

There is no detail or request for a custom sign that is too small or too difficult for our team of experts. From the beginning of the building process, through to the finishing touches, you can rely on the fabricators at Behrends Group to provide you with a top quality sign made to your exact specifications.

If you have any questions about our fabrication process or the materials we commonly use in sign making, feel free to contact us today!


  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Plastic & Vinyl
  • Wood

In consultation with you about your unique project needs, we will come up with a custom plan to produce exactly the right piece, using the ideal material or combination of sign materials.

Our expert team is able to consult you about your sign fabrication project to give you the best options for indoor, outdoor, commercial, industrial, residential, and any other applications.

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