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Cast Aluminum Washroom Signs

We may not think too much about it, but washroom signs are among the most common signs seen by people in public every day. So, what if your washroom sign could stand out from the rest? With a beautifully designed and built cast ALUMINUM washroom sign from the team at Behrends Group, you can certainly stand out from the crowd.

Our washroom signs are made from cast aluminum, and not plastic. Each sign background is lightly textured and coated with matte black paint, to draw attention to the graphics, which are raised and brushed. The mounting for these convex metal signs is completely hidden from view, so you’re left with a beautifully designed, modern cast washroom sign.

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The Bronze Age

Just when you thought having an aluminum sign would be awesome, we throw you a curve ball; BRONZE.

Bronze is one of the most durable alloys, and there is no question why all of the history statues and plaques were made of this metal.

Add a touch of elegance and permanence by identifying your washroom with a Behrends Cast BRONZE sign.

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