Bronze Washroom Signs

Bronze Washroom Signs

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Each of our solid cast, in one piece, bronze, curved face washroom signs are built to last with the finest quality material and include a raised, symbol graphic that has been horizontally brushed for effect.

All other surfaces of these signs are slightly textured, and painted with our Behrends Ebony 0030 black matte finish.

All signs are shipped with a Behrends certificate of authenticity. 

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Each Sign Comes with: 

[1] Cast Washroom Plaque

[1] Mounting Block

[2] #8 x 1.5” Countersunk Wood Screws

[2] #6 x 0.5” Roundhead Wood Screws,

[1] Certificate of Authenticity

[1] Install Instruction, Content & Maintenance Document

This plaque is mounted by mechanically fastening a mounting block (black PVC board) with countersunk wood screws. Slide the casting over the mounting block, and fasten the cast aluminum plaque to the mounting block.

This can be achieved by either mechanically fastening it with 2 round head wood screws to the mounting block, or applying VHB Tape (double sided tape) and silicone to the mounting block, and adhering the plaque to the mounting block.

In general, our castings are designed to look great with very minimal maintenance.

Our castings are protected with a clear coating which helps prevent the oxidization of the metallic surface. This clear coat can be damaged through mishandling, so it is important to take care when cleaning. 

Use a solution of warm water and a mild detergent to dampen a clean cotton cloth. Wipe gently in the direction of the grain of the metal (if a visible grain exists) to avoid scratching. 

Never use cleaning products (including light abrasives), petroleum or acetone products, coarse cloths or cleaning brushes, power washers, steam cleaners or hot water. 

Following these simple instructions will keep your casting looking great for years

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